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So long and thanks for all the fish. It's been a good run. Thanks to everyone who donated their time and money over the years in support of Idea's artwork. Our website will be going offline in the next month or so. Get your downloads now while you still can :) Questions and comments can be made on our LJ page in the meantime, or through email.


"Babhel" by GD (yes, that's GD from GD_Mechano!) is ready for download. Note, it's listed under the "other" section! Thanks for being so patient everybody! :)


"Edward Gnaw Label" by ROCK'N'DOLLESS is ready for download. More is coming soon, including a new series by GD_Mechano.


"Image of Spider" by ROCK'N'DOLLESS is now available. Happy holidays everybody! See you next year with more releases!


"Evergreen" by Idea is now available.


"Tranquilizer" by Rock'n'Dolless is now released! Enjoy some more RoyxEd. Keep your eyes open for Evergreen in a month or two (if all goes well).


"Julia" by Rock'n'Dolless is now released! Enjoy the RoyxEd goodness. We'll have more RnD soon too, so stay posted.


SC has just gotten a facelift and a new dedicated server! I hope your surfing experience is improved with some new features, including "view all" "by arist" and "new" sort features for our doujin. Also, keep your eyes open for a release within the next month or so! We'll be serving up a nice Rock'n'Dolless doujin for you. And, if anyone has HQ scans of Idea's "Evergreen," please email me!


"Progress" is now released!! Ironically we had it for a while with little progress... hehehe


"Promised Land" - a rare RoyxEd doujin by IDEA - is now released!!



All of us here have an interest in Japan, its culture, and its people. Now, thousands of people are without homes, living in shelters, and struggling to survive day to day while mourning the less of their friends, relatives, and communities. All the while people are trying to go back to their daily lives with a huge fear lurking in the back of their minds - what the geological community is calling a 70% chance that another earthquake, 7+, could happen at any time off the Japan coast over the next few days.

Please consider making a donation to the RED CROSS

If you were thinking of giving a donation this year to Scan-Clan, please forward that money to RC instead.

I've always thought the scanslation community was really generous, and I've been truly grateful for SC's server bills being paid for by strangers year after year. I know everyone has probably already been hounded with requests, but I would like to make a special plea to the fans of SC and Idea. Please think of all the free doujin, part of Japan's iconic culture, that you have been able to read on this site.

Please pass this message along to any community that reposts SC's projects.

Thank you.


The long, long awaited PW 4 is now released. Flock to the download page and enjoy! : D


Frozen is now available on the the IDEA page. This is a joint project with Ebil_trio from LJ, so please cheack them out!


Mute is now available. Big thanks to Anka for the scans, Subaru for the translation, and Julia for editing. Also, Frozen is on its way and PW4 has been released by IDEA. Right now we are looking for PW4 HQ scans, so if you know/have any, please email me.


Eine Kliene is now available. Big thanks to Julia for editing.


Hello again! Fragments is now up on the Idea page! Please give a big thanks to all our donators for helping us stay open another year! You'll be happy to know that the ball is rolling again on our Idea projects, so expect to see more updates soon! Also, the projects page has finally been updated =_=;


JACK ROSE is now available on the download page. Click on doujinshi>fma>rockin'n'dolless and ENJOY. Big props to Julia for editing.


Miniature Garden is now available. I am currently working on "Jack Rose," a non-idea doujinshi, and hope to have it finished by New Years. Also in progress is "Eine Kliene," "Fragments," and "Mute."


Deracine is now released. Be sure to read the postscript. Also, please stop emailing me about PW4... it's not out yet and I don't have any more information as to when it will be released.


PRECIOUS WONDER 3 IS NOW OUT ON THE IDEA PAGE!!! WHOOO! Enjoy, and please donate if you can. SC has received half of its server bills for the year... we're almost there! Thank you!!! ^_^


Precious Wonder 2 is OUT, for those of you who missed it because I forgot to update the site (it was listed on LJ only). Still working on PW3. I'm about halfway... expect it by Wednesday if all goes right. I upated Nightengale, PW1, and PW2 because there were some errors that I just found when I reread them for continuity. Also, Precious Wonder 2 has FINALLY been added to the idea page. I thought I added it when I finished in December, but I guess I didn't. So sorry... : (


"Giselle" is now available! Three cheers for a release after a long hiatus! Keep your eyes open for PW3, as I'll be working on it all week. Also, if anyone has high quality scans of any other new IDEA doujinshi, please email me!


"Dolce" has been readded to the download page. I honestly have no idea what happened to it, but it's back and available for download again. For those of you who missed it, it was finished in September 08. Sorry for the confusion!


So sorry for all the delays. Updates are coming later this week. Keep a lookout for PW3 and at least one more. This semester at school has been very hard for me to keep up my studies, along with everything else. Please don't loose faith in us. *bows*


WE ARE NOT DEAD!!! And I have a release to prove it to you! Fragile is now available for download in the Idea Doujinshi section - it's located under Graceful Degradation, since it is it's sequel. Enjoy! Also, expect Precious Wonders #2 Sometime soon. We are looking for scans for PW3 as well, if anybody has them... please email me. Thanks!


Good news!!! "Amato/Discord", "Graceful Degredation," and "Living Will" are all now available IN SPANISH!!! A huge thanks to Ale-chan, who is currently translating SC doujin into spanish :D She's a hard worker, so expect to see more from her soon! And don't give up on the other updates just yet... I am in the midst of possibly aquiring a new translator. Also keep a heads up for a Blood+ release, and possibly another installation of the Blue Flame series.


You are looking at the latest incarnation of Scan-Clan. I am out of school now, and have gotten the wheels rolling on several long-forgotten projects. All pages have been updated, so please take a look around. You will also find some things missing, as I have decided to remove them for quality's sake. Please drop by the community, or the FAQ page if you have any questions. Feel free to email me as well. Hopefully something new will be up soon!


Happy New Year! Delikatessen has been addedd to the IDEA doujinshi section :D


Delikatessen has been added to the projects page, and "Precious Wonder 2" will come soon as well!


It's been a while... almost four months, but it's here all the same. "Precious Wonder" by IDEA is now available to download. Enjoy!


The first of the Roy x Ed Blue Flame series, "Blue Flame," is now available in the IDEA doujinshi section.


Fixed the Night Flyer link to the English doujin. For some strange reason, I had linked it to the raw... I feel like that has happened before. Right now, it's only Direct, MegaUpload will be up later.


"Baby Face" becomes the doujin that brings SC back from its 3 month hiatus. Don't worry IDEA fans, we're working on it. Baby Face is another first, becomming the first release of many in the BLACK DOG project.


"Cinema Graffiti" is released. I didn't have time to do much this month, especially after all the scanning, so I just pulled this one from the archives. CG was a joint project with Zettai-Hentai, which has since gone under since the project started. Check it out in the Naruto download page!


"Baby Face" (BLACK DOG) is added to the projects list, as well as a page explaining The BLACK DOG Project. Please see the LJ, or the Projects page for more information. P.S. A small typo in "Oasis" was fixed.


"Precious Wonder" (IDEA) is added to the projects list


"Oasis" is released. Please see it on the Idea FMA doujinshi page.


New layout, new look. Oasis is in the works. Please visit the splash page at www.scan-clan.com


The server *should* be fixed. Please email me with any problems.


"Nowhere Man" is released. Merry Christmas!

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